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Chapter 5: Mrs. Hardy Lemi


*Izzy's P.O.V.*
~The day Izzy left Crystalline Cove~
It took an entire day to get to Sunlit Tides, but when I finally arrived it was well past day light. It was to late for me to go see Hardy and move into our new home together, so I drove to the only people I knew would be up and welcoming of a visitor at this time of day.

My grandparent's house.

I walked up the steps and knocked on the door twice. My Uncle Sam was the one to answer. "IZZY! What's the occasion for a visit from my favorite niece?"

"Uncle Sam, I'm your only niece," I laughed. "I wanted to know if I could stay the night. It took me all day to get here and I can't move into my new home until the morning."

"Of course you can, you know they could never say no to you Izzy," Uncle Same smiled. He then turned his head and called out to Grandma. "MOM, DAD! IZZY IS HERE!"

Within seconds my grandma appeared in the room with the biggest grin on her face. "Oh my! Is that my little Izzy all grown up?"

"Yes, grandma it's me," I smiled. "I wanted to stay the night. I can't move into my new house until tomorrow."

"Of course you can stay sweet heart. What kind of a silly question is that? You're family, you stay as long as you want."

"Thank you grandma."

My grandma reached over and pulled me into one of her famous hugs and squeezed all the air out of my lungs. I loved my grandma to bits but her hugs are gonna be the death of me.

"Is that my little Izzy's voice I hear?"

Not long after grandma gave me a hug, grandpa came walking into the living room with the biggest grin imaginable on his face. "Hey grandpa," I said, as he gave me a hug.

"God, you're looking more like your mother everyday," he said as he released our hug and held me at arms length.

I frowned for a second before a smile came to my face. I didn't remember much about my mother, but from what my grandparents had told me throughout the years was that I was much like her. I just wish I could remember more about her.

It would have been nice to have a mother as I grew up, but my dad did amazing job at helping me through all my problems, even the ones that you usually have your mothers do.

"So sweetie what are you doing here in Sunlit Tides? I had no idea you were coming," Grandpa Nick smiled.

"Well, I'm moving here, Grandpa. I'm moving in with my boyfriend Hardy."

"Boyfriend? Hardy? You mean that little werewolf kid you hung out with all the time whenever you came to visit? You two are dating? How come I'm just learning of this news?"

"Haha. Yes, grandpa."

My grandma's smile turned into an even bigger smile at the mention of a boyfriend and she grabbed my shoulders, looking me in the eyes. "Nick, our little Izzy growing up. A boyfriend! Can you believe it? Next we'll be hearing wedding bells and getting great grandbabies. Oh, Nick this is so exciting! I have to plan your wedding and I can make you a dress and everything."

"Grandma," I laughed, pulling her hands off my shoulders. "Let's not get a head of ourselves. I just graduated and moved out of my dad's house less than 24 hours ago. Plus I'm not even engaged."

"Oh sweetie if that boy has any sense in him at all, he'll propose to you within the next year," My grandpa added in.

"Haha. Okay, grandpa. Whatever you say."

Grandma clapped her hands together and smiled at both of us before mentioning food. "Okay enough wedding talk for now. I bet you're starving. I just made a nice roast and some coconut cream pie."

"Oh, yum. I'm starved," I said putting a hand to my stomach.

"Boy, I could go for some some of your grandma's roast right now. Let's eat," Grandpa said, making grandma and myself laugh. Grandpa sure does love grandma's cooking.

After dinner, I was stuffed as a turkey and I couldn't wait to get some sleep. I walked upstairs and made myself comfortable in the same room I used for visits here when I was a kid. There wasn't much to it, just a bed, dresser and a desk with a computer, but my grandparents always found a way to make my stay here the best.

I didn't bother changing out of my clothes and went right to bed. Sleep came to me instantly when my head hit the pillow. The last thing I thought of before falling asleep was my boyfriend Hardy and our new home together.

Early the next morning after breakfast I played some computer games. I had called Hardy the minute I got up and told him about my arrival to Sunlit Tides the night before. He told me to stay put and he was going to come get me as soon he finished packing his things. We hung up with sweet goodbyes.

It was around 9am when I heard my grandpa call out to me from downstairs. "IZZY! YO MAN IS HERE SWEET HEART!!"

"Oh grandpa," I sighed, slapping my hand to my face. Classic grandpa, saying things like that. I swear he acts more like a roommate or a best friend than a grandpa.

I turned off the computer and walked downstairs. As I entered the living room I saw Hardy sitting on the couch, with my grandparents sitting on either side of him, chatting it up.

I can only imagine the conversation they were having before I entered the room. If I know them well enough my grandma would be talking to him about proposing, weddings and grandbabies, and my grandpa would be talking about the place to get the best grilled salmon in all of Sunlit Tides.

I walked over to the only available seat in the living room and sat down. "Hey," I said, smiling.

"IZZY!" Grandpa said,"You sure can pick them out. Hardy is a wonderful young man."

"Ah, thank you grandpa," I giggled.

"The boy got some good taste, he's been to Louis' Lake Side Diner. The best in town."

I shook my head and smiled at my grandpa. Not saying anything.

"Hey Izzy, ready to go?" Hardy asked with the cutest smile on his face.

I just nodded my head and we both headed upstairs and grab my things, then we got into the car and drove to our new home together.

When we pulled up to the house I gasped. The house was so beautiful and I couldn't belive it was actually ours. "It's even better then the pictures you sent me. Hardy, I love it!"

"I'm glad. When I first saw it I thought of you," Hardy smiled, looking me in the eyes.

I blushed and smiled back, "What about it made you think of me?"

"Well it's beautiful, and perfect. It's the perfect place to raise a family in."

"Who's family?"

Hardy chuckled and grabbed my middle, causing me to laugh. "Our family, silly," Hardy laughed.

After he let go of me and I was able to catch my breath again, he pulled me close once more. "This is our forever home, Izzy."

"You really mean it, Hardy? You want want a family with me some day?" I asked, looking at the house again.

"There isn't anyone I would want to have a family with and be with forever, but you. You're my forever."

"And you're my forever."

We stood and admired our new home for a while after that. The home Hardy and I want to one day start a family in. I smiled as I thought about Hardy and I's little werewolf children running and playing in the yard while Hardy grilled meat on the grill and I feed our youngest it's milk. It's the future I look most forward to.

~A Few Months Later~
(On the Phone)
"Izzy! Hey sweetie! How's Sunlit Tides treating you?!"

"Hey, daddy. Sunlit Tides is great. Look, daddy I called to tell you some great news!"

"And what's that sweetie!?"

"Daddy, I'm ENGAGED!!!"

"Engaged? To who?"


"Haha. You know I'm kidding. Congratulations to both of you.... So I guess I'm paying right?"

"Daddy! Haha. No, Grandpa Nick offered to pay for the whole thing and grandma Monika wants to help me plan it. So you don't have to leave Crystalline Cove for anything, well besides to come to the wedding."

"Well that's wonderful. Just keep me updated on these wedding plans of yours. I don't want to miss anything."

"Haha. Of course daddy. I love you."

"I love you too, sweetie."

(Proposal picture taken from Ashby Lemi's baby challenge. You can read about Hardy and Izzy's proposal here) :)

~One year since Izzy left Crystalline Cove~
(Day of Wedding)

The day of the wedding finally came and I was on cloud nine. I couldn't keep still in the dressing room because I was so happy. Grandma had to warn me more then once that if I did't sit still and let her finish my makeup I was going to look like a clown for my wedding. That was enough for me to contain my excitement enough to let her finish.

My dad arrived in Sunlit Tides the day before the wedding and stayed the night at a hotel. He brought a long all my half siblings and they all seemed just as excited as I was for the wedding. It could be that they got a free trip to Sunlit Tides, but I still think they were somewhat excited about the ceremony. I even got to meet my newest half sibling, Claire, for the first time.

I didn't actually get the see my dad until the actual wedding day and I couldn't hold back the tears when he came into the dressing room to get me for the walk down the aisle. We held each other for what seemed like an hour in that dressing room. I've missed my dad so much and I could tell he missed me too. I even caught the sight of tears in his eyes, but he manage to hold them back.

I took my dad's arm and the music began to play, then he led me down the flower covered aisle to my future husband. Hardy looked so handsome standing there at the other end. I wanted to just run down the aisle and kiss him but I didn't. I wanted this moment to last and forever be in my memories.

Everyone was looking at me but I was looking at Hardy. He had the biggest smile on his face and my face matched that same smile.

As we got closer Hardy started rubbing the back of his neck. If I knew better I think he was speechless, but I don't know why though; I should be the one speechless.

Hardy looked so handsome in his tuxedo, and his hair combed back like that. I didn't think it was possible for him to get any more cute then he already was.

When we finally stopped my dad had placed my hand in Hardy's, giving me away, and then he retreated back to his seat next to grandma Monika.

We said our vows and exchanged the rings. I didn't have to turn my head to know there was many wet eyes in the crowd. I heard a few sniffs coming from Hardy's side and I heard some zips and the sound of a hand digging a purse from my side; most likely my grandma looking for any tissues.

When the rings were placed on our fingers and we were announced man and wife, we stared into each others eyes and smiled.

Then Hardy pulled me close and we kissed. Everyone stood and cheered and I even heard a few whistles from the back.

After the ceremony we all made out way to the reception which wasn't far from where the wedding was held. It was, like the ceremony, held outside since Sunlit Sides was such a beautiful island. We wanted to take full advantage of the beautiful scenery.

We cut the cake, there was a few speeches and then we went straight to dancing. Hardy and I had our first dance together, alone on the dance floor. After a few minutes people slowly started to join us. Hardy's mother and step-dad was the first to join in on the dance floor, followed by my grandparents and Hardy's sister, who was dancing with my half-brother, Chase.

We couldn't take each other's eyes off one another, no words were passed, he just held me close and we continued to dance.

We whispered 'I love you's' to each other and he dipped me, before pulling me back into his arms for a kiss. I knew that my life with Hardy will be nothing but eternal bliss. Who knew that a supernatural loving little girl like myself would grow up and find love and happiness with a werewolf.

Hey guys! The wedding of Hardy and Izzy is finally here and I'm so happy to bring it to you all.
I wanted to make this chapter all about Izzy and her time in Sunlit Tides. 

The next chapter will go back to Jackson's pov, starting with the reception of the wedding and ending with a hospital and a few cops (You'll have to wait and find out what happens). ;)
I wanna thank Ashby Lemi for letting me have Hardy for Izzy, and Logan for help making the handsome young man. :D
You guys rock and stay tune for more coming soon.
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