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Chapter 6: No Longer Welcome (Babies 12 & 13)


~Sunlit Tides~
Seeing my precious little girl grow up into a beautiful young woman was an amazing sight to see. She has come so far and now she was married to the man she loves and just that had me choked up during the wedding ceremony.

When they said their vows and exchanged rings, I felt I was losing my daughter all over again like when she first moved out.

Even though I didn't get another ghostly visit from Isabella, I was still comforted and reassured by Izzy. She cupped my face in her hands and she said all the right things to make me feel just a bit better.

After that the reception went without a hitch. I found the kids doing their own thing closer to the field next to the reception area. Squirrel and Echidna had a lot of fun giving each other piggyback rides. They were the best of friends, they had a much closer relationship then their other siblings.

Hamster tried to have a little fun during the party by playing with Claire in the grass. The party wasn't one that kids would be into, so Hamster found some entertainment in playing fun little games with his sister.

Koala didn't have anyone to play with since her siblings were already playing with someone else or too old to play kids games. So she pretty much hung back and sat at one of the tables, watching everyone else have a good time. She did get up for food and a bit of dancing but other then that she did nothing.

I finally got to meet Hardy's mother face to face for the first time at the wedding; we only ever talked over the phone. Her name was Ashby Lemi and I was surprised to learn that she was one of the many females also doing the 100 baby challenge, and Hardy was one of those challenge kids. Knowing this made me feel just a bit better about Izzy's marriage.

 Just when I thought there's nothing more to learn about one another, I learned who Hardy's father was; Logan Fey, one of the challenge dads I've met for the Challenge Daddies Magazine photo shoot. This I wasn't expecting.

After the nice long conversation I had with Mrs. Lemi, she went and joined Logan over by the newlyweds. Logan was giving Izzy tips on how to care for werewolves; babies and husbands. I didn't like this baby talk one bit; Izzy is too young to be thinking about having kids right now. But there was nothing I could do, so I just walked away and joined the other party goers.

I was then ambushed by two very familiar faces, faces I haven't seen in years. Isabella's parents, Nick and Monika Adams, spotted me from the dance floor and came right up to me with happy grins and great stories they had to share. Seeing these two brought back memories from my collage years when I was dating Isabella. Her parents had always loved me and kept in touch after her death when Izzy was little.

When I was finally able to escape my former in-laws I went back towards the newlyweds and grabbed Hardy. I pulled him away from his parents and Izzy, saying I needed to have a little chat with my new son-in-law. They just laughed a bit and I walked off with Hardy in my arms. I gave him a good talking to and once I got my point through about if he were to hurt her in any way I would hunt him down like the werewolf he is, I playfully gave his hair a good messing with.

He fixed his hair and nodded his head in understanding before running back towards Izzy, a little bit a fear on his face. I think I got my point through, don't you think?

As the evening progressed, everything started to slow down and people started to either do some slow dancing or have group chats with other guests. Izzy and Hardy and just a few others slow danced, while everyone else hung back to watch the couples.

Chase didn't have a date, but still wanted to dance. So he asked Hardy's twin sister, Raven, if she would accompany him on the dance floor. Luckily for him she said yes.

Hours went by and the sun finally settled down for the night. A few of the guys started up the bonfire that was located at the park, to give the guests some light. It was also something nice to look at and even stand by when the evening air starts giving you chills.

I looked to watch to check the time and realized it was real late. I needed to get going if I didn't want to miss our flight back to Crystalline Cove.

I approached Izzy by the bonfire and told her it was time for me and the kids to leave and say our farewells.

Izzy nodded in understanding and gave me a big tight hug before we parted our ways again for who knows how long.

~Back in Crystalline Cove~
When we got back to Crystalline Cove I was contacted by a woman by the name of Kimari Devine. She offered to be my next surrogate, and after a brief conversation and I got to know more about her, I agreed to let her join. She seemed thrilled about joining.

A few days later I sat at my computer checking my email when I noticed a strange message in my inbox. I didn't recognize the sender's name but opened it up anyways, assuming it might be woman contacting me about my challenge.

As I read the message a frown came upon my face when I realized it was hate mail. I closed the message and threw it in my trash bin, thinking that was the end of that. Every challenge parent gets hate mail every now and then..... right?

I logged off the computer just as I heard Squirrel calling out to me from the second floor. He sounded worried so I rushed up the stairs. Squirrel was standing in the hall next to the girl's bedroom. When he spotted me he started going on about Echidna being sick. He was talking so fast I couldn't make out what he was saying, but I did hear the Echidna being sick part and walked passed him into the bedroom.

Echidna was laying on her bed and looked at me when I entered. I walked over and sat on the side of her bed, looking at my sick little girl. "What's wrong sweet heart?" I said softly.

"I have a fever, daddy. I can't go to school," she moaned, clutching her stomach.

I looked at her suspiciously and place my hand on her forehead; she wasn't warm at all.

"Echidna.... What's going on? You're not sick," I said in a stern voice. It's not like my kids to pretend to be sick.

Echidna sighed and pulled herself into a seated position on the bed. She knew I got her and she looked upset about it.

"Echidna?" I said, a worrying look appearing on my face. "What's going on?"

Echidna started to tear up and began telling me about the bullies at her school. They keep making fun of her skin color and pointy ears, they even talked mean stuff about her siblings to her. She even mentioned over hearing a few teachers saying bad things about me and the challenge.

Echidna stopped talking and began to cry. I pulled my little girl closer to me and I held her tight in my arms until she stopped. I then let her go back to bed and I headed downstairs to make a phone call to the school, saying that Echidna wasn't feeling well and wouldn't be coming in today.

As the day progressed and day went to night, the mood in the house seem to have lifted. The rest of my kids did go to school since they didn't seem to mind and I spent the day with Echidna baking cookies which she enjoyed. Though Squirrel seemed upset about not having Echidna with him for a whole school day.

After school was over and the house began to fill up with kids once again, I decided that some family time outside sounded like a good idea. Right away everyone started doing their own things. The kids played on the playground, while the teenagers hung back by the fire pit, doing their own thing.

Claire was being watched over by Kimari while I worked in the kitchen, making a nice large dinner for everyone, and coming out onto the porch every five or ten minutes to check out the fun everyone was having.

My eyes landed on Echidna and Squirrel in the farther part of the yard. Squirrel was pushing Echidna on the swing and she was laughing and having a great time, seeming to have completely forgotten about her little break down this morning. I was glad that she was feeling well. Squirrel always knew how to make his sister feel better. I just hope this whole bully thing was just a one time thing.

I leaned back on the porch railing and watched my kids have fun in the yard and I couldn't help but think back to this morning when I got that hate mail. I've lived in Crystalline Cove for more then a few years now, why am I getting hate mail now, and who sent it?

I heard the house phone start ringing and I walked back inside to answer it. I wanted to let it go to voice mail and just hang outside for little longer, but I needed to check on dinner anyways.

I walked into the kitchen and picked up the phone. "Hello, Daniels residence. Who's calling?" I said into the receiver.

"You're no longer welcome here," said the caller, in a creepy voice, just like in the horror movies. "Get out or else."

"WHO IS THIS!" I yelled into the phone, anger and panic building up inside me.

The other line went silent after this and I slam the phone back on the receiver and brushed a hand through my hair. Who was that? How did they get my number? What did they mean not welcome? A million thoughts ran passed my mind, all too fast for me to think straight.

I didn't even get the chance to think of a logical explanation for the mysterious phone call before I heard Aloura yelling from the front door.

"DAD!! Someone's egging our house!"

I bolted out the kitchen and ran towards the front door, where Aloura stood yelling at the teenagers running from the scene.

I swung the door open, causing some egg yolks to fall from the door and onto the wooden floor inside the house. "What's going on?" I asked, looking from the egg on the floor to Aloura.

She looked angered and pointed a shaky hand towards the direction the teenagers ran off to. "Those bastards were throwing eggs at our house."

I looked at her shocked and surprised. "Did you see their faces?"

"Yes! They're in my science class. They always giving me problems in class, but I never thought they'd do something like this."

I looked at the egged door, then to the direction the kids ran off to, and back to Aloura. What the hell? I walked back inside to call the cops and report the kids and went back to clean the egg off our house. There was a lot more egg yolks and shells then I thought so Aloura helped me with the cleaning.

A few days later, when the kids came back from school, I was approached by Koala and Hamster in the game room.

"Daddy?" Koala asked, Hamster following not far behind her.

"Yes, sweetie?" I said, smiling down at my little fairy daughter. "What can daddy do for you?"

"Can we move to another country? Like Canada or Mexico?" she asked, all to seriously.

My brows risen in surprised by her request and I was about to ask her why when Hamster cut in. "Daddy, the kids at the school are all mean to us; they call us names and mess with our wings. The teachers are even mean; yesterday in class the teacher saw a another kid throw a paper ball at my head and the teacher asked me to pick it up and throw it away, and then gave me detention for loitering in her class."

"What?" I said, shocked. "I'm calling your school first thing Monday morning and-"

My phone started to beep and a message popped up on my screen. I excused myself from the kids and walked off to another part of the room. I looked down at my phone and saw a message from an unknown sender, I opened it and read the text: Get the hell out or burn!!

What the FREAKING hell!?

Thankfully the next day was a Saturday, so none of my kids had to go to school. I spent my afternoon in the game room, thinking. I started piecing things together and it seemed that someone or someones don't want us in Crystalline Cove, and I have a weird feeling it's the challenge I'm doing. I am the first challenger to live here and maybe someone doesn't like it, but I'm not gonna give in to them. I'm staying in town rather they like it or not.

I was finishing up a single person game of chess when I was accompanied by Kimari.

She joined me at the chess table and looked to me with concern. "Jackson, this whole time I've been staying here I've noticed some things. Problems."

"Like what?" I asked, wanting to know what it is that she has noticed.

"Well I noticed you seemed stressed about something and there was that egging the other day."

"Oh," I said, looking down at the chess table.

"Also I was talking to Squirrel last night and he was telling me about some bullies at school picking on him."

I quickly looked up from the table to Kimari. "Squirrel too?" I asked, surprised that Squirrel has been bullied at school too. Well I figured he would have been bullied too since his siblings were, but he never mentioned anything so I assumed and hope he didn't have any bully problems.

Kimari looked at me with worried eyes. "Jackson what's going on?" She asked in a caring tone of voice.

I sighed and started to explain things to her. I told her about the email, the threat calls and text message. I mentioned that all but my teenage sons have been bullied in school and I never had this problem before our trip to Sunlit Tides.

Then, as if one cue, Dustin and Robert stormed into the room, panting and pissed off about something. When they were able to catch their breaths, Dustin pointed out the window and looked at me angered. "Dad!" he began. "I want out of this town, NOW. Some seniors tried to jumped us."

I looked at them, shocked. I glanced at Kimari, who too looked surprised, but she also looked worried for the boys. "Oh my, are you boys alright?" she asked.

"We're alright." Robert said, reassuringly, before turning his attention back to his brother, Dustin.

"We were able to get away, but we ran all the way home from the park. I have a feeling this might happen again, dad, and I don't want to hang around long enough to find out."

I told everyone that I needed time to think and left the room. I went straight to the bathroom on the main floor and took a shower; the hot water and steam always seems to clear my head and help me think. The stress of everything that has happen in the time we got back from Sunlit Tides washed away as I scrubbed myself down.

I used this time to think about what I should do for me and my family. Will moving be the best option? Moving across town won't help since my kids will still be going to the same school; could moving towns be the best option? If this is the case, what town is far enough away from Crystalline Cove so no one will recognize us, and no where near the town I told myself I would never go back to, Bridgeport?

The sound of a scream echoed in the hall outside the bathroom and fear ran up my spine. My first thought was that kids were in danger, but this scream didn't belong to any of them, it belonged to Kimari.

When I realized what was happening I jumped out of the shower and threw a towel on.

I ran down the hall and towards the screams of pain coming from Kimari. I found her in the living room, bent over the coffee table, clutching her stomach with both hands. She had dropped a book she had been reading and it had landed on the floor.

I quickly called an ambulance to get her to the hospital since I wasn't dressed to be driving anywhere, and by the sound of her screams she couldn't wait for me to change anyways.

At the hospital Kimari gave birth to twin boys, who we decided to name Bronson(left) and Ollie(right). My twelfth and thirteenth child.

A few short days later it was time for Kimari to get going back to her own home. I made sure to thank her again for joining my challenge and gave her a farewell hug before she left.

After Kimari's departure the twins seemed a bit upset, but I knew just how to comfort them. I held Bronson in my arms and I began rocking him back and forth while I sung a lullaby, the same lullaby that was sung to me as a kid. It wasn't my mother who always sang it to me but someone else very close to me, but I'll save that story for another day.

I continued to rock Bronson until he fell asleep then I placed him in his crib for a nap. When both boys were a sleep I quietly walked out of the room and towards the staircase.

Just as I reached the top of the stairs I heard and explosion, followed by some screams. I flew down the stairs and followed the now smoke covered ceiling to the kitchen, where I found Dustin and Hamster on the floor, shaking with fear.

A fire had started in the kitchen and it was growing bigger in size at an extremely fast rate. I grabbed the boy's shoulders and pulled them back into the other room, yelling at them to get out of the house.

I knew this fire was way to big for me to fight; I had to protect my children, everyone needed to evacuate.

"FIRE!! EVERYONE GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!" I yelled as loud as I could, so everyone heard me. Luckily everyone was in hearing range and was able to see the flames and know to exit as quickly as possible.

Squirrel didn't think twice; he grabbed Echidna's hand and ran out the front door. Aloura had been in the living room during the outbreak and was soon out the front door with Claire tucked protectively in her arms.

With everyone headed to the exit, I had Robert help me get the twins to safety. Once we were all outside I noticed Aloura and Koala was no where in sight. Panicking, I asked Dustin where they were.

"Aloura ran back inside to get Koala, she was listening music in her room."

I reacted instantly and bolted right back inside the house, Robert right behind me. I ran into the house, pushing anything out of my way that slowed me down one second. The stairs only took me a couple seconds to reach the top, jumping 4 or more steps at a time.

We got into the second floor hall and saw Aloura and Koala passed out on the floor. Fire threaten both their lives as it inched closer to them from the bedrooms.

Robert and I both leaped into action, each of us checking one of the girls for any sign life at all.

I held my little baby in my arms and checked for a heartbeat or breathing. She was conscious but her breathing was weak. Tears stung my already burning eyes from the flames. I pulled Koala into my arms and I looked to Robert to see if him or Aloura was okay.

Aloura was barely conscious as well; he manage to get his sister to her feet and help her quickly get to the stairs.

I followed right behind him with Koala in my arms. We were all able to get out of the house in time to save our lives, but everything inside was good as gone.

Hours passed by, night finally became day and I just stood in the waiting area of the hospital emergency room; my forehead was pressed up against the cool glass, I looked out to the morning sky. After the firefighters finally arrived to the house it was nearly burnt to the ground. Everything inside was now ashes. Fortunately anything that was in the basement came out unscathed.

The kids were taken to the hospital and given complete physicals; everyone checked out fine, beside Aloura and Koala. Thankfully all Aloura got was a few minor burns on her arms, but Koala on the other hand came out pretty bad. She had gotten 2nd degree burns on her arms and legs, and more then 20% of her wings got burned; the doctor predicted that she may not be able to fly like a normal fairy anymore. Her hair also got singed pretty bad in the fire and had to be cut.

When the kids were getting checked I had been approached by two officers and was questioned about what had happened. I had no idea what happened and just told them what I knew. After a few more hours I was told something that my gut already knew.

Our house was purposely set on fire.

Was this the threat? That text finally made sense and I began to fear for mine and my children's lives.

I needed to talk to someone, someone I can trust, so I took out my cell and hit a number and it speed dialed my friend, Aiden's cell.

"Do you have any idea what time it is?" said a grumpy Aiden on the other line.

"I'm sorry Aiden for calling so early. I needed to talk to someone. I've had the worst night of my life."

"Why, what happened?"

"My whole house was set on fire and now I'm sitting in a hospital waiting room fearing my life."

"WHAT?! My my god, what happened?"

"Some sick bastard is trying run me and my family out of town. I've gotten these threat emails and a few mysterious phone calls from someone telling me to get out of town. I got a text message saying 'get out or burn'. My kids have been harassed by both their classmates and teachers, some even egged our house. Then someone tried to burn us alive in our own house. We lost everything Aiden."

"Oh my god! Did anyone get hurt?"

"Everyone is fine, besides some bad burns on Koala, but all in all, we're all alive. Thank god! I just know what to do Aiden."

"I think you need to get the hell out of that town and somewhere safe."

"My thoughts exactly but I've been having trouble thinking of where we should go. I don't want to end up in another town like this and have to deal with this mess again."

"How about Moonlight Falls. We haven't gotten any problems here and you can live closer to your best mate."

"Moonlight Falls?"

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